Disinfecting Cleaning

KassCon is invested in innovation and next generation cleaning solutions. We have recently introduced Electrostatic Spray technology to our customer base to help fight the novel coronavirus and level-up cleaning procedures.

While traditional dry/wet dusting and wiping helps with surface aesthetics, this method of cleaning does little to eliminate underlying germs unless rags are washed rigorously and regularly. More often than not, the effect is cross contamination and germ particles being redistributed throughout the air and across hard surfaces. To compliment standard cleaning, Electrostatic Spray Disinfection is a follow-up process that eliminates germs wholesale.

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Our People

We provide professional training for our staff to ensure each staff member can integrate seamlessly into your properties operations. Efficiency, Courteousness, and Professionalism are the characteristics of every KassCon staff member, regardless of position or property type.
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